The Great Leveller

Many people have tired of the Scandinavian Blast that has swept across England over the last few days. ‘The Best from The East’, has caused havoc in Bread Aisles across the nations and, while I agree with my taxi driver (an old and chatty breed) this is a “massive fucking over reaction”, I enjoy the novelty that the snow brings.

I think this is partly because snow is, literally and metaphorically, a great leveller. Sentences such as ‘Are you okay getting in today?’, ‘How is that Deliveroo Driver still alive?!’, ‘Of course you can’t come to work, Saddleworth is under!’ are now the customary greeting.  In a world that frequently asks ‘Can you come in early?’, ‘Why is my Deliveroo late?’, ‘Where is Saddleworth?’, this could be seen as a rather lovely turn of events.

Snow has given us a common ground that has united us against the weather and England’s poorly prepared infrastructure. Hopefully, it will unite us against global warming and make sure everyone stops using plastic straws but, for now, I will put up with it uniting humanity instead.

That being said, the novel thing about novelty is that it is that, novel. We can only giggle as we skid across the ice as we beat our way through an aric blizzard home so many times