What Are You Doing?

This question is one I meet with dread and horror. Whether posed by an anxious friend looking to compare notes on graduate life or your Grandma has just walked in on you making your second All Day Breakfast of the afternoon the question ‘What are you doing?’ inevitably fills me with shame and dread.

Having graduated and promptly moved home I feel like whatever I say in answer will always be met with some element of condescension and pity. Even friends who are similarly stuck in their professional careers but have resolutely clawed on to their digs, barista-ing and bar-tending their way to their rent can look at me over the top of their milk steamer and say ‘Oh’. The horror of the word ‘Oh’, not even a word, a sound!

I am well aware that I am not in a bad position, I have a place on an MA (and a pretty awesome one at that!) but the fact is that I still don’t know if I can take up the offer. Top that off with the fact that my search for relevant employment is trundling along like a sweaty bicycle (painfully) and you have a cocktail of uncertainty that Kevin Spacey would be proud of!

Rant over anyway. Soon I shall return to happier things and tell of my Edinburgh Fringe Experiences! But for anyone else out there who is having a period in limbo (a messy experience I’m sure!) you are not alone.