Instant Friends

We all have them, you meet and five seconds later you are besets friends!!! It may only last an evening, it may only last an hour or your newest shiniest buddy may be a long-term pal. Anyway I thought we should definitely go through all the ways we can be the best instant friends (with a few anecdotes thrown in because that’s the sort of person you’re dealing with).

The nerdy friend: Possibly my favourite sort of instant friend is the nerdy friend. The friend who you overhear quoting LOTR and instantly think ‘wow that girl is for me’. You can finish each others sentences, obviously, they were written years before either of you were born. You share the same weird crushes (Tyrion Lannister, hello) you are insnat nerdy best friends! One of my favourite immediate nerdy friends I met at a drama audition in uni. Our eyes locked as we began muttering about hobbits. My friend Sarah and I now basically only communicate via quotes and random youtube videos and this has sustained us throughout my uni career.

I will put a disclaimer on this though, we will not be best buddies if you start hazing my knowledge about the nerdy topic we are doing at the time, no I can’t remember Lily Evans’ birthday people. I can rarely remember friends birthdays (Facebook exists for a reason) I still bled as you bled when Dobby died!

The inappropriate friend: Have a favorite topic, is it poo? The inappropriate friend is the person you have just met but doesn’t care about social boundaries either. This person is a keeper especially if on your first encounter you share your mutual hatred of toilet cubicles that are too small and have a full door (no exposed top and bottom). Yes you can use the loo in loud and joyous privacy but you also have the issue of not fitting in with your bags! Plus if you’re a girl going to the loo isn’t simple, we have jumpers, jumpsuits, tights. It really does get stressful very quickly. Your instant inappropriate friend will appreciate this and help you on your hunt for an agreeable receptacle for your body waste. Cheers!

The style friend: They have something you love. You have something they love. You have met your style friend! I remember last year when I was travelling to Adams house with his birthday present a lady trine round to ask me where the paper was from. After hours of carefully wrapping this lovely box I proudly told her and handed the box over. After due examination she said ‘I love it! It’s just like the pattern on my bra!’ and just like that she flashed me. Maybe this lady should have gone under ‘inappropriate friend’ but either way I look back with fondness over her body confidence.

The dancing friend: You’re out. Maybe you’re with a group you don’t know. Everyone is throwing some hot shapes. You on the other hand have no hot shapes, you are a shape. You serve and spin and do your thing regardless of the stares and then , suddenly you hear a scream from the other end of the room and see a boy hopping away with a brown toe. An arm flails and all of a sudden your dancing friend comes into view! They don’t care either. They may or may not be moving to a beat, but they are dedicated to having a good time and are happy just bouncing up and down like you! After a while (past 2am) most people get to this stage, but your dancing friend you can always rely on to be your terrible companion at any time in the night!

So those were a few of my immediate friends, if you’re one of them (be you past or present) then thank you for being wonderful an weird people! I can’t wait to hear about everyone else’s instant friends and look forward to equally wacky encounters in the future!