Back In The Saddle

…Are you sitting comfortably?

It doesn’t really matter. Beauty of modern technology is that you don’t really need to be comfortable while using any of it. In fact its almost preferable, a convenient escapism in an uncomfortable situation. So, to those in a familial argument, third wheel experience or rectal exam this one is for you!

‘The Alternate Planet’ is back, for now. I went away, to pursue other things, mainly a university degree, but that attempt to get to know the outside world obviously resulted in so many stories of embarrassment and confusion I decided it would be selfish not to let you know. That and I also really missed blogging.

Throughout the time I’ve spent away ‘Welcome To The Alternate Planet’ felt like an unfinished story. It also felt like I’d lopped off the most social part of myself. As a person who often goes weeks without making contact with my very closest friends it was a comfort to know that my blog was still out there being my social side for me. It’s not that I want to be alone, it’s just that one week of chilling out can very easily turn into three, and then a week when you have more than two things on your calendar seems incomprehensibly hectic and unnecessary. As a person who lives as in the middle of nowhere as it is possible to be in England (picture me wandering a moore and you’re basically sharing my life) it’s not as simple as walking down the road or texting a friend over. It involves planning, trains, buses, car rides, packed bags, tearful farewells to mother and so forth. But when people would say ‘hey I read an old blog post’ it felt amazing. Like we were still together even though we were miles (and also years) apart.

So I hope you will forgive me. As i have said I have plenty lined up for us in the future, my time away was successful in that I at last found I had something more to say (the internet doesn’t really let you not have an opinion on at least five things) and so I hope we can go back to our relative normality in a peaceable harmony and no broken furniture.