Square One: Beauty Musts For Freshers

Being back in Bristol this week has been absolutely manic. With ups and downs that come from realising you are no longer a fresher and everything you do suddenly seems to count I hearken back to when my biggest trouble was whether I was about to turn catatonic after one (or five) too many shots. It’s not all bad though as I have, at last, gotten around to submitting something for the Epigram (out uni paper) and, having had it accepted, I thought I would share it with you lovely people first! (look how exclusive and special you are)

So without further ado here is my ‘Gospel according to Ella’ of what you will and won’t need in your makeup bag this freshers. Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 19.21.50

So, you are here, it’s your first freshers. You’ are nervous and exited. You stayed up until three am making sure you have downloaded every single musical genre; that’s right no one will be able to catch you out with how much you do, or in my case, don’t know about Catfish and the Bottlemen. One problem, once you arrive you realize all your makeup is at home. Though hopefully this didn’t happen to you but this was my freshers week nightmare, I am therefore fully qualified to tell you exactly what items are a must for freshers week and, what you can manage to survive without, and what you need to scurry to boots to fetch.

  1. Heavy duty primer. Whether trying to master the MIC ‘natural dewy’ look or going full battle face you need to start somewhere. Primer will not only will work like a government agent with your concealer to cover any post-shot spots but will also take the edge off dark circles and protect against various allergic reactions from copious amounts of face paint. The best is ‘Porefessional’ by Benefit
  2. Gel eye-liner. Whether drawing pirate scars, helping the guys on cross-dress night or just giving yourself cat eyes eyeliner is a must. I would Oopt for gel just because if you need to drunkenly re-apply then its more ‘blink and go’ and less ‘blink and black eye’ thenat you get with liquid eyeliner.
  3. Beauty starts with the skin, so if it looks clear and even then you will always look good, it’s really that simple. Preferably get a liquid foundation with a brush but if you are on a budget and need something heavy duty then Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse is what truly saved me during my makeup fiasco.
  4. Not only will it revive your parched lips in the morning but if you apply it above and in the dip of your color bone or add to cheekbones and temples to give yourself some quick contouring.
  5. At a time when looks come first and skin second make a mask with Sudocreme in the morning by literally wiping it everywhere. Not only will it moisturize your skin without making it oily but protect you from and manage breakouts. Meet your new best friend.
  6. Deep pore cleanser. When you you’ve have piled makeup and /facepaint/and drinks of unknown origin onto your face and plan to do it again the next night you need to thoroughly clean your face of the debris.after you need your skin to know to start over. De-clog the pores with a good cleanser, preferably with some exfoliator. If your skin can’t handle Freederm then try Neutrogena 2 in 1 as it’s a good cleanser than can also be used as a facemask if you have time between freshers fair and your library induction.
  7. Statement Lipstick. Can dress up any outfit even when your makeup is limited either making you look minimalistic or glamorous. If you have enough money to get a staple lipstick then go straight to M.A.C or Bobbi Brown, if not then Topshop all the way!

From a person who knows, these are the items you must make sure are front-lining your makeup bag this freshers week. So take my advice and invest while you still have money for toiletries!