Olivia Goes Wild

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I was thrilled to see that Olivia Wilde has been photographed for Glamour breastfeeding her new baby!

This really shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s natural to breastfeed a child. However due to the objectification of women the focus on our breasts has been more sexualised and less about their primary purpose; actually feeding another person.

This stand by Wilde shows that a woman can be both a mother and a professional, while also normalising breast feeding in public, as she is photographed in a cafe.  As a woman who is famous for being so stunning Olivia is the perfect person to demonstrate what breasts are naturally made for, not being repeatedly sold merely as a sex object. Following the double mastectomy of Angelina Jolie, and similar demonstrations by other celebrities, we can see that women who are held up as sex symbols are finally making a stand for what a woman is, not a mere object onto which men can object their fantasies, but a person who can occupy many roles and aspects of responsibility.

Women’s bodies have been used for years to sell, sell, sell! We have been used and dehumanised to the point where we thought it was a flattering thing that Elle Macphereson was reffered to as ‘The Body’. Corporate organisations who have branded women as undesirable and abnormal to breastfeed, (wow one day your boobs will no longer look like they did when you were fifteen, BIG NEWS) and so manage to foist faux powdered milk onto mothers who are pressurised into thinking that beauty is their primary goal (it’s not) when breastmilk is literally the number one thing a baby should be having (it can raise IQ, prevent cancers and infections!) need to make the move to start thinking about a womans consumer demands as we are beginning to reshape and rethink how we want to be perceived by society. Showing we can do all this and still occupy the same professional role is just awesome and will hopefully show both men and women that it is time to normalise breastfeeding, what a way to become a role model!

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Images courtesy of Buzzfeed and Glamour