My Love Letter To Feminism

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Feminism: The belief system that every human is equal regardless of gender.

One of my favourite posts ‘The F Word’, was written on the cusp of my first flirtation with feminism. I have always been a feminist, in the same way that I have always been a female, I consider it as something thats fundamental to all of us in many wonderful ways. Much like the box of Quality Streets at christmas, no matter which chocolate is our favourite (the green triangle – halla!) we can all agree that everyone loves them.

Since ‘The F Word’ unfurled like a phoenix onto the blogosphere my love of feminism has swelled and billowed outwards into a fluffy bubble of belief that I take into every situation and warp of life with me. Feminism is my friend, a system designed to boost me whenever I feel the glass ceiling, both my champion and supporter equally.

I know that many people perceive feminism as something aggressive and assertive. People seem to need to spike against it before, I often feel, they even know all about the things my friend has to say for herself. It’s like we are in a party and the rumours about my best friend start looping around the room like a spiteful gust of wind before she has even had time to make her, obviously fabulous, entrance.

Because of this I wanted to share with everyone the things I love about my friend. All the fabulous things she has done while we weren’t paying attention, the parent who is always there for us even when we don’t want her. For even the men and women who brittle against feminism, who sneer and rage at what she does have felt her presence for the positive in their life. The fathers who laugh at the feminists at the office, but still believe their daughters have a right to an education. The mothers who ‘hate it when people go on’, yet think that their son objectifying women in porn is wrong. The girls in school who roll their eyes at the girl who doesn’t want to wear makeup, but hate it when men yell at them from vans. The boy who tries to get girls a bit too drunk at parties, but respects and loves his mother. Can nobody see the paradox, the hypocrassy of fighting a battle with someone who is on our side? You all are the product of feminism half-formed, of a progress which has already changed you, an evolution where you have partially evolved. It is now just up to us to push our reason that one step further and we willing to step out of the cave, into the realisation that feminism is all around us, and that it is a good thing.

I am so exited for the future, for a world where toys aren’t blue and pink, where action man and barbie are both allowed to play dress up or fight baddies. I love the fact that we are waking up and realising that there need to be more women in government. The music industry sags under the weight of female self-expression. We see the pay gap, and we now know it is within our rights to disagree and fight fight fight for more! It is feminism that made it possible, feminism that liberated us from the shackles of the stumbling drunken abuser of the patriarchy, and feminism that will continue to forge forward into a future where all men and women can live and benefit in an equal society. Because it’s a humanist view and it is supporting all of us.

So this is my love letter to feminism. To it, and the countless humans who over many years have stood up for its ideals. I wanted to say ‘thank you’, and extend a message of love and appreciation to all the strident feminists who will continue to pursue inequality and squish it under the tome of ridiculous rules it has written over hundreds of years. You are all equally brilliant in my eyes.

So party on feminism! You’re still the best friend for me!


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