Stop! In The Name Of Love

One thing that may or may not be (it definitely is) apparent through reading any of the great creative texts ‘cough’ that make up this blog is my continued and fervent adoration of ‘Harry Potter’.

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I was raised on it, I listen to it to go to bed (20 years old, I am not ashamed). When I hear the comforting baritones of Steven Fry’s voice I understand why the early christians martyred themselves for the sake of a book. I get why people spend hours of their lives learning cling-on. Also as a LOTR fan, I completely sympathise with anyone whose preferred sunday afternoon activity is to watch the four hour extended edition of ‘Return Of The King’, you need the four hour version it just makes for better story telling! I was the first person in my town to get ‘The Goblet Of Fire’ when it came out at midnight, I can still hear the jeering shouts when, at nine o’clock, I began my three hour vigil with my mother, dressed fully in my wizarding garb. When I finally got to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour last summer I cried three times: once at the beginning because I was so exited and overwhelmed, once in the middle because all my dreams were coming true at once, and once at the end as I promised myself to never forget everything Harry taught me.

So I don’t feel anyone can question my loyalty and adoration when I say that though I love Harry Potter, I do not love JK Rowling.

WHATHASSHEJUSTSAIDOHMYGRINGOTSSOMEONEFETCHAKNIFEILLDOITMYSELF! How can I not love the woman who has given me the greatest love of my life? Well guys it’s true. I mean, do any of you hate your parents-in-law? Do any of you love football but hate fifa? Do any of you think nutella is the absolute bomb but think the calorie content is the biggest joke since Kanye and Kim were allowed to name their own child? Thought so, walk with me.

I know that everyone is cartwheeling over the new publication of a Harry Potter short story, but I see it just as a cruel tease, just like the other gags and titbits of information JK has thrown us over the painful years of coming to terms with a life without Harry. It’s like when Walter White starts manipulating Jessie, I can’t stand how someone who has been son great for so many seasons has suddenly gone a step too far! Either write me a new story or leave it JK! I seriously can’t take it anymore.

And then there is her other books, which are written under alias’ right up until the point where they don’t sell, the hour JK jumps out, like a ghoul from the attic and dramatically announces that they are her ditch attempts to establish herself as an author of something other than ‘Harry’ after all. My question is, why would you want to distance yourself from the greatest publication of our time?! I don’t think anyone cares that you’re a one trick pony if that trick is to overcome your depression and poverty by writing me, and a few billion other people, a new reason to get out of bed in the morning!

I know that the point is probably to keep Harry Potter alive, and of course keep JK in Jimmy Choo’s, but we can see that we don’t need constant reminders of something to keep the messages with us forever. For example JRR Tolkien has been dead years now, but I will always be slightly suspicious of antiques jewellery that gives me special powers, it’s just common sense. So leave it JK, we will always love the boy who lived, I just ask you to love him enough to let him go.


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