Why Manhood Has Been Replaced By The Metrosexual


This little muffin is the king of guy liner yet he has wooed half the women in Hollywood, including oh I don’t know just a spice girl, Katy Perry and a Kate Moss!

We see everyday adverts on television desperately coming up for new ways for men to ‘be men’, without losing their all important masculinity. We see moisturisers branded as ‘skin refuel’, Yorkie bars declaring that men can get their nuts just by getting the shopping in from the car. But why must we still reinforce this idea that males have to be masculine? I think it’s a fabulous idea that men embrace their metrosexuality. From a girl who lives with three boys (and a wonderful girl) who are permanently on hand to give outfit/relationship advice while also taking care of spiders, which even as a strong confident woman who doesn’t need a man I still can’t deal with, I can tell you there is no downside (even if they do steal your tweezers).


David Gandy had perfect skin, perfect hair… Sorry I lost track… Oh yes, and that took a tight skin regime including moisturiser!

In the aftermath of the controversial remarks about women in the 2012 Olympics, women declared that training their physiques for the sake of their sporting prowess did not make them un-feminine she-males. However there is still pressure on men to maintain a rugged manly appearance, in a world where the beauty industry constantly tells women they need constant grooming, it is little wonder men have been struck in the cross fire, and that shouldn’t be a problem. If I think it’s ok to spend money on a bikini wax then why is it not ok for a man to get his chest done? In a world where women are told to constantly have flawless matte skin, why shouldn’t a man be allowed to wear concealer? Men, like women, deserve the right not to be pressured by society to conform to a particular ideal about their appearance, and if that means that your boyfriend knows more perfume than you then so be it. Hallelujah, they will always get you good presents!


Benedict has a loyal band of followers, and guess what? Not one of them care that there’s more gel in his hair that your average trifle

This issue however does have deeper issues. It isn’t, if you’ll let my pun pass, only skin deep. We can see women have, more than ever before, support being working mothers, but where is the option for a father to have the same support if he wants to take care of his children? Furthermore what about men who have been pressurised out of becoming stay at home dads? The genetic makeup of men and women does tend to support the idea that women have strong maternal instincts, however you wouldn’t say a women is manly for wanting to work, in the same way men, who posses equal paternal instincts, are thought of as ‘whipped’ or unmanly if they want to take care of their own child.


Brad Pitt has blatantly spent over a hundred dollars on that hair, but I still want him to raise my children.

The feminist battle is not just about women, I often feel it has been misbranded, it is about equality, and in order for women to be equal to men both in their right to tend without judgement to their physical appearance and in the workforce, men must also be equal to women. Everyone is missing out in a world where both halves of our society are confined to areas that aren’t in their comfort zone just because of their genitalia.

This is a matter I feel really strongly about so would love you get a discussion in the comments, does anyone know a full-time dad and what his perspective is? Are you a boy who loves a spray tan or a girl who wants to declare her support for the metrosexual? As always, thank you for reading and please like and share!

Ella X


As a reward for getting this far, a full compilation of some of the best metrosexuals Pinterest had to offer!

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4 thoughts on “Why Manhood Has Been Replaced By The Metrosexual

  1. Reblogged this on Broken Dish Sisterhood and commented:
    I am not fond of the term “metro-sexual” because I believe it suggests men have to be urban/urbane to be interesting. Immediately I find myself feeling like the open-hearted, nature-lover is being seriously overlooked. Personally, I am pretty open-minded on what might make a man attractive. Just give me a guy that doesn’t require identification with a sports to team to be emotional and who showers regularly and I am willing to go a little deeper.
    Although it may be a little bio-eco based, I prefer the term “Intersexual” used to describe an egalitarian style of mate selection in animals. In a situation where both partners are Inter-sexual, selection is selection between the two sexes. It is selection based on one sex of the species preferring some characteristic in the other sex of the species rather than all the sex of a species drooling over the same thing in the other sex. In the case of traditional human mating (intra-sexual) this boils down to all women wanting the man with the biggest “whatever” and visa-versa.
    In the case of inter-sexuality a war club might be a flashy plus to some women but not to others, whereas bookish horn-rimmed specs might do the trick of instant attraction for others. A woman in overalls with a calculator in her pocket might grab one guy’s attention where as a boho dress or ballerina hair bun might grab another. To me that is truly feminism and sexuality in motion. 🙂

    1. Ahh what a fantastic term, I’ve never heard it before, and of course I couldn’t agree more! True balance will only be achieved when we can essentially step back and say ‘whatever anyone wants, it’s all good!’. I just think that in the same way women do/don’t wear makeup based on whatever their preference is, men equally need to be extended the option without being ridiculed for it. So long as one person is in a gender role then another is being forced into the opposite after all! 🙂
      Thank you so much for reblogging the post though, it really means a lot! I must now have a sneak peak at some of your work!

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