Turning Twenty

So a few days ago I turned 20, the big one, the defining number which raises me from tantrum riddled angsty teenager to actual functioning human being. Many people see it as a bad thing, you are waving a farewell to your youth and carefree ways, but I would argue against that, the biggest change I plan to make is changing the info on my blog bio. And so friends I have come to you with all the good things about being a bit older, which you ca use whatever age you are having to face this year that is making you weep while watching ‘Thirteen Going On Thirty’, who hadn’t been there right?

A tad morbid perhaps but you get my gist

1) you get to buy stuff. Seems like a stupid one, but don’t you remember when you were younger how you never actually got to buy your own stuff? I personally still get exited when I get to start a new shampoo or a shower gel that I got to choose. Yes, the swing is you do have to pay for that stuff, but that’s what store loyalty cards are for!

2) No one tells you when to go to bed. You get to be exhausted in the morning happy in the knowledge that you and your flat mates had a full Star Wars marathon, instead if writing that really important essay, and no one gets to stop you thank you very much!

3) You get to eat what you want. Even though you are old enough it actually enjoy greens
you are still CHOOSING to enjoy those greens. If you want to eat something like a banana Nutella peanut bake then god dammit you can! If you want to try juicing for a week then why not? Your body is a temple and now you are the soul priest/ess, launch that opening party and fry up some stuff!

4) You get more respect. No more will people think you are a whiny idealist when you tell them about your dreams and ideals, you still are a whiny idealist but now your age gives gravity to those claims. Older is seldom wiser but people will assume you have read more and so will nod and go ‘mmm’ when you say you want to perform a space age version of ‘Othello’ with Othello as an alien, instead of the subtle raised eyebrow and a wan smile.

5) You get to make your own mistakes. Every other human on this planet, like you, is just trying to find their way, and now, like them, you can find your way without having to tune your moral compass into that of your parents/your teachers/your friends. You’re old enough to be able to find out what is right for you, and to be able to do some stupid stuff, without having to face the judgement of your peers. Now where did I leave my crack pipe…

Yeah, you write stuff on your hand it get a message across you pioneer you

6) You really aren’t that old. No matter how old you are, do you really feel old? I never really thought I’d make it to 20 when I was 13, I just thought I’d stop off at a age along the way and take my stand, but getting here makes me realise it’s not the be all and end all like it is when you’re smaller. The stories of your life have changed but you can still be you, and compared to how old the human race is, you are always going to be a baby, just now you get to drink vodka mixed with wine and call it an ‘eccentricity’, rather than a serious problem. Plus this is the youngest you are ever going to be again, so stop moping over the youngest you ever have been and celebrate the fact you are now house trained!

A man who took my message to heart… I’m from the past you know

So a few things that I am going to enjoy about being 20 and what you can enjoy whenever being grown up is getting you a bit down. If you have any more to add then obviously comment and, as always, I’d love to hear what you think! Have a lovely day possums I’ll see you next time!

As always, images courtesy of pinterest where I also have an account if you fancy some whimsy