Judgement Day

Hey my little onion shallots, how’s earth survival ticking over for you? It’s a month in and I have come to the decision that becoming a grown up was the worst transfer I ever decided to make, but on the upside my flat mate and I have decided we are ready to take the next step and buy a blender together ‘wipes tear away’ I never thought this day would come. I mean we’re basically going to use it to create our own version of ‘does it blend’ instead of vitamin boosting health extravaganza smoothies and pear purées, but the point is we could use it for that if we were so inclined…seriously though, who wouldn’t rather use it to see if you can blend a biro? (You can totally blend a biro by the way)

Anyway one thing that has hit hard from coming from a school where everyone knows everyone to a massive Eco-system uni environment where halls are like tribes and you still don’t even know that many of your clansmen is how much people judge others.


To a certain extent you have to do this, you can’t know everyone no matter how much you try, it’s just not possible, and if you do know a billion people you can’t know them all well. So you have to whittle it down a bit. It’s natural sociology, Tower of Babel shit going down. Then obviously there are some people you don’t want to be friends with, for example a rapist or a Twilight fan, but on the whole I like to think that you can learn something from everyone, which is part of the reason I love blogging so much, so it’s worth keeping an open mind.

But the things people do judge you for are so ridiculous. For example I know full fact I will be the last person to get sat next to on the bus if I wear my gold collar necklace, ‘uh oh she enjoys statement jewellery because it makes an old look new, danger!’. I have genuinely had a back turned on me because of which hall I am in, and the list goes on. People judge you on what music you like, where you shop, what food you buy, how much makeup you wear and whatever nonsense dribbles out of your mouth within the first moments of your acquaintance (I mean no one makes sense when you have just met them, so why?!)

The thing is I am obviously a hypercritical protestor (see my Twilight jokes) but I genuinely do try everyday not to be as judgemental a person as society seems to think is ok (halla x-factor I am looking at your diabolical show-case at the temple of ritual shame and abuse) sometimes it’s not worked out for me and I’ve ended up in odd situations like accidentally volunteering to play acoustic bass for a band because I didn’t have the heart to tell them I didn’t love heavy metal as they did and I didn’t actually know any of the material by Gallows (however we talked for a good half an hour about how I really preferred their earlier albums) but for the majority of the time it works and I always regret it when I then fall back and accidentally judge someone.

For example this girl I met at cheerleading try-outs, a post in itself that I will write once my self-esteem has recovered, who was to put it lightly a cocky bitch. Only a few days later I saw her crying with a friend and subsequently found out she’d split up with her boyfriend two weeks before uni, so her being a cocky bitch was probably just her covering up how bad she was feeling. Shame on me. Another example is me judging the youtuber Trisha Paytas. I saw one of her videos talking about whether or not dogs have brains, and then tried to kill myself because of how humanity has fallen so far. But then I watched some more of her stuff a while later and realised she’s got a story, she was a striper and has used youtube to start a new life and spread awareness about the dangers of such an unhealthy industry… So a bit of an idiot she may be, but also how amazing of her, so shame on me because I judged her, shame shame shame.


So though we all judge people for stupid things, and I post loads of blogs about judging people (vis a vie ‘Bitches At The Bar’) but know that those are superficial judgements and I would in no way generalise one thought I’ve had about you onto your entire personality, and I think that’s the mistake we often don’t realise we are making about it (ie, she wears too much makeup therefore she is a whore, see Trisha Paytas video ‘you wear too much makeup, you go girl)

So a long and probably boring blog and my next post will almost definitely contrast it, but that’s my right and you’re here now so you may as well comment and say that you agree/disagree, or follow me, if you want more of what I’ve got! Peace out my space monkeys.

All images heartlessly pikied from Pinterest.