Freshers Fever




So a month down the line into uni life and I have finally returned to my favorite corner of the internet, to chat with my favorite bunch of people about things that we all love…me. I’m joking, I hope you guys also love Harry Potter, I love Harry Potter, he’s a thing worth loving. In fact I genuinely believe we should replace all ethics with Potterism, using all seven books as our biblical canon, and live in a happier world. That’s for another post though, because today I wanted to share the weirdness that is freshers week at University.


One thing I noticed in England when I got home, is that we really don’t talk to strangers, and by strangers, I mean anyone you haven’t been formally introduced to. In facebook terms, because we are on the internet and so we can all understand, it’s a lot like the idea that you can make your account limited to the public and only be seen by people who have your mutual friends, oh look how modern and down with the kids I am.


The cool thing about freshers though is that for one glorious week that taboo is lifted. If, like me, you set off to uni knowing no one in your year, you are more than willing to cast down that outer exterior of mild distaste to other members of the public, and bask everyone in that glorious teeth baring that your mother has assured you is a beautiful and charming smile. You sit and talk to various members of the youth population on the bus, you find a friend while you try to find a lecture, you discuss meat buying tactics with a fellow buyer on the isle. You become a friendlier person in order to make friends. Or if you’re me you totally embarrass yourself, personally I won’t judge you if you need to put an elephant earing through your nose/climb on a giant gorilla statue/do anything in order to get on a microphone at the club/pass out in your loo…but some people do kids…some people do…


The thing is most of these people you don’t keep in contact with, your little personal bubble rubs up on theirs for a while and then you drift away, to rub up on other little bubbles. It’s weird coming into contact with so many lives and then moving away, not knowing their story, or them knowing yours, and no one really caring one way or another, and it gives you perspective on how big the world actually is. Because the whole world obviously revolves around you, so how can there be this many people going about their lives like you are?


This fevered frenzy has now calmed down somewhat, mainly because everyone is too exhausted after being friendly for so long, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing, it was a weird experience, meeting so many diverse people and the amount I’ve learnt in just one week makes me think we could all learn a lot more if we did just talk to a stranger once in a while. So world my ask this week is that you do just that, say hey to someone and see if it goes anywhere, maybe they’ll have a story, maybe you’ll get shut down, maybe you’ll comment on this blog and we can be friends, but you’ll learn something either way. Sorry for not posting for so long, I will never leave you again! Until next time chick peas, unless I starve to death on my student budget…I miss food…help.