Two Thousand Five Hundred Views Ago

Good day my noble following of pillagers, plunderers, readers and possibly, hopefully, pirates (Captain Jack I await your call) my news for you today is that a couple of weeks ago I hit 2,500 views on my blog! Now I know some of you may be like ‘that’s not that many, some blogs get that many views a day’, but ladies and gentlemen I am not those blogs, I am this blog, look at the URL. In light of this I would like to say thank you to everyone whose ever read a post and have a look at what’s happened since my firstest of the first ever post back in December.

Ten months ago I didn’t think I’d be where I am at the moment, which is one of the wacky and wonderful things about life that’s both the great and gruesome bit. My sister was the one who shoved me sideways into the world of WordPress, thinking it would be a good way to get me out of a hole that I was in. It was a shaky start, as we’re most things at the time, walking my dog had a shaky start, it also ended in tears a lot but that’s another story. So it came has a big shock when my voice in ‘Fake Nails, And Why I’m In The Hunger Games’ and ‘Bitches At The Bar’, got such a good reception. My blogger voice felt a lot stronger than my outer persona, though I did feel the need to tell you this in ‘Confessions Of Alice And The Mad Hatter’, and definitely helped me along through the next part.

As part of my gap year I was, as you are, required to travel. Now as I told you walking my beloved hound was a stressful experience, so imagine how I felt about leaving my family for Costa Rica for six weeks! I remember thinking that ‘at least you have a blog’, if all went to hell in a handcart I at least had my blog, my space that only you guys could see. As it can be seen looking back on ‘Bikinis And Beach Bodies’ my entire outlook on life changed the second when touched down.

Six weeks away turned into ten weeks away, Boo and Miguel in no way inflicting pressure or influencing my decision (you guys totally influenced my decision), and ten weeks away turned into going to North America with Becca and Miguel for another month. As anyone who has read ‘Leaving Costa Rica’ can tell you I cannot say enough how much I love the people I travelled with, even with worms in my feet (another story for another day) and snot running down my face you guys didn’t bat an eyelid. You even decided to laugh instead of cry at my drunk Twerking, so basically we’re soul mates. I genuinely believe I was in some way meant to meet Boo, Miguel’s always known what to do/say when I’m upset, even when it’s not saying anything (which Miguel is really good at), feels like I’ve known Kitty forever, I have laughed until being nearly sick with Becca my body guru, and never have to be anything other than gross and over exited with Sam.

An Ugly crew to be sure
Blogging and diary keeping was put on hold, as we spent most of our time in Bbs car but I can tell you that America is amazing. Going from Texas to Las Vagas, I’ve never experienced such universal hospitality from another country, which I found humbling and surprising (no offence America, I’d been told to expect otherwise). From the get-go we are told to be careful because the world is full of dangerous and mean people. I’m sure a lot of people are dangerous and mean but it’s hard to remember that when people like Laura and her family are so willing to literally give you a roof over your head and clothes on your back.

Ironically my biggest fear turned out to be going home! And it was a big shock, suddenly having Becca and then Miguel ripped from my side after being in immediate contact with them, literally the same room, for the entire year. Who would defiantly not listen to me when I say something? Who would sing Avril Lavigne with me when it got to that time of day? Who would I steal food from and in turn be choked to death by? (Travel gets intense sometimes). It was a big adjustment, but luckily I have a fabulous group of friends at home who were always about when I needed a place to lay my weary head. And, of course, there was my precious blog that I was literally buzzing to get back to!


Now, nine months on, I’ve been to Costa Rica, North America, Crete, Italy and now Bulgria with my most wonderful friends. It started and ended with them so they are the people this post is for. It’s the most cheesy thing I’ve ever written but you have all changed my life and been responsible for the best year I’ve ever had, my new family and some if my closest friends.

So I wanted to take the time and look at the year 2,500 views ago and where I was when I wrote the posts and say a big thank you to everyone whose influenced them, because if you can’t be really cheesy on the Internet then when can you? Becca and Kitty are the ones to thank if you likes ‘Where are all the hot girls’. Go to Miguel the next time you enjoy ‘Why Boys Are Bitches’ or ‘How to be friends with an ex’. Boo for her deep chats, Lizzie for her support and willingness to participate in ‘Your Six Friends On Instagram’, Tilly and Alice for being my foundations and my sister, who made me start it (so you basically should direct your anger at her for any negative feelings towards any post!).

University is in about a week! So if you’re looking for posts not fraught with emotion, confusion and madness, look elsewhere, I took off the runway of sanity from the airport if reasoned thought a while ago, so get ready for turbulence! So keep living the plum life and I promise you’ll hear from me soon! Over and out.


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