The Meaning Of Life

Hello friends of the blogosphere I hope you are all well, which I mean in as sincere a way as I can without actually knowing who you are, not in ‘hi how are you?’ ‘Fine thank you how are you’, way that we get at the beginning of most things now. I am well thank you for not asking, and I have an interesting new thought to share with you, because as you know all my thoughts are very important and interesting… Obviously.

How this thought came to me was filling out applications for my uni halls, you have to write a little thing about what type of person you are so the wise owls in admissions can put you to live with people who you are ‘compatible’ with, though how you can sum a person up with 200 word I’ll never know. This took me some time for, as you must know if you’re this far into the blog, I like to take my sweet time getting to the point.

My final piece I sent was mainly about who I was as a person, letting slip my love of musicals/Harry potter/LOTR and tea probably means I’ll be spending my time with some very odd people, so I’m sure we’ll get along fine. The one thing I put down as a characteristic that really cuts deep into my zen though is demotivated, pessimistic people, and I don’t mean pessimistic as in cynical, I’m a great supporter of cynicism, it’s not the same thing ok?!

I say this because I think it’s very easy to be pessimistic and demotivated in life and all to hard to actually pursue what makes you happy. For example blogging makes me very happy, but I didn’t do it for a very long time before I actually did it because it was so much easier not to put the effort in and remain in the rut you are in (it makes sense, stay with me). It was the most terrifying thing going away to Costa Rica because its was new and scary and so much easier to stay home in the familiar. The thing is sometimes you should be scarred of things, and then you should do it anyway.

On the bigger scale I think lots of people feel trapped by the life they are living, and it’s easy to keep living that life and not easy to actually find a way to change it, but I don’t think that’s a reason not to try. You get used to the people around you because they have always been there, but that doesn’t mean you need them to be there if they’re not good for you. You get used to your lifestyle because its how you have learnt to get by, not because its how you need to live to get by. You have responsibilities, but they shouldn’t be excuses to stop you trying to do something with your life. If you want to do something then you should really do it, there will never be a more perfect time than now.

And I’m aware this may sound preachy but I have seen TOO MANY people with so much going for them just give up before they’ve even got going. Trust me when I say I am doing it because I genuinely care that you are happy and find a meaning to your life, whether that be making little handmade toothpick houses, getting healthy for the summer, baking elaborate cupcakes or writing crazy random blogs in the hope that you will change someone’s day for the better. You have got one shot according to Eminem, get a little crazy with it, so long as you can say you did what you wanted to do. The great thing about the meaning of life is that there isn’t one, you get to decide. So, what do you want to do?


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