A Poem For Pioneers

Image provided and edited by ‘I love the danger in distance’

So ladies and gentlemen I seem to remember promising you all a glorious poem for your efforts in helping with Torso Tuesday! The day was a big success as far as big successes go and so here is your poem of thanks, thank you for your torsos and your time!

Thank you thank you for being so kind,
Taking your shirts off I almost went blind!
Those pecks those muscles had us beguiled,
The ladies of twitter went nearly wild,

To the boy in the blue boxers I can hardly speak,
The abs and tan make a girls knees weak,
And though its a stand to not objectify,
It was a struggle when it came to one Guy,

And one man showed that you can also be best,
When you say less is more, and only show your chest,
Looking brown and beautiful on the beach,
A feminist male with an ass like a peach,
Another man unaware of his part,
But too his torso was a work of art!

And let’s not forget Torso of the Week!
An army man of whom I speak,
His foe the mirror he took on,
Flexing those biceps and standing strong,
iPhone in hand he began a fight,
Not against the Taliban but for women’s rights,

And last but not least Ryan Gosling,
Contributed by a girl whose praises I sing,
Though half way round the globe she still has persistence,
Making us love the danger in distance,

So although we were a happy few,
The band of brothers were a noble crew,
A strange, ironic and noble cause,
Something I hope will give you pause,

So True Lads you are, but are you men?
Would you stand in the place of women again?