Torso Tuesday Rules (The Actual Rules)

(‘Ilovethedangerindistance’ suggested Ryan be my poster boy, how perfect! No, seriously, he’s perfect)

Well there has been a bit of a storm about Torso Tuesday, hooray! I’ve been assaulted by men on various social networks and that can mean only one thing, I have hit a nerve, so here is how you get involved in Torso Tuesday and would massively appreciate any contribution in this one big, yet ironic, stand against the objectification of female flesh.

If anyone has ever seen Cleavage Thursday the rules are the same, just with men not women, if you have been spared the event here is how it goes down…

1) it’s a twitter event under the hash tag #torsotuesday

2) you tweet me @ellaspottiswood your torso picture with the hash tag #torsotuesday

3) as a big thank you, you get a big shout out on my twitter, as well as a mention in my next blog!

If you’re not on twitter then please feel free to message me with whatever you got to give and I’ll make sure it makes it to the event. If anyone will share, tweet, or reblog about it then I will love you forever and write you a little poem of thanks, it may not be good but it’s a poem, A POEM! So thanks kids and I’ll see you on the flip flop!

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