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Ahhh I must tell you a new thing! Hello, by the way, hope you’re having a good day, of you are then whoop whoop! Go you! If you’re not then get a cup of tea and have a read and a chill, also have a hug from me.

Anyway if you have ever read my bloggington before you’ll know I’m a feminist. DON’T GO AWAY! I’m also part of the ‘feminists are people too’ movement, so stay have a read as this isn’t my primary focus of the blog anyway.

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I read this really compelling article about women leaning forward. As a group we simply have let the whole bid for equality grind to a stop and we shouldn’t. I had a horrible realisation the other day that this is true! I somehow always thought that everyone held the view that men and women deserved equal opportunities and should strive to do whatever they want without being shackled by the fact they don’t have several inches of tissue dangling between their legs ‘cough’ did I say several?

But actually this isn’t true! Many people I’ve met this year do not believe that, and the worrying thing is the people I’ve had most arguments with it about are girls! The miniute I say I’m not sure I believe in the concept of marriage, I don’t know if I want children, I do want to have a long and successful career, whatever it may be, I am immediately branded as a man-hating lesbian banshee. Would this happen if I was a man? No.

If you are sitting there thinking ‘this girl is a man-hating lesbian banshee, look at the penis joke she just made’ let me ask you how many jokes about a woman’s rack you’ve heard today and tell me whether or not I’M the one without taste. Many things I’ve learnt over my gap year but this is the one thing I still can’t get my tiny brain around. On the one hand I think I’m coming across too strong, on the other this makes me more angry than the fact a jumper cost £49 in Topshop, quite simply, it’s shouldn’t be allowed to happen. The article also relayed the information that women consciously do not push themselves further in their careers because they are aware that it will affect their family later down the line, a family that doesn’t even exist yet! Not only does this lead to women not fulfilling their dreams but it also deprives society of the valuable input women have to give in the workplace, and in today’s society we NEED that input!

Now I am not having a go at anyone who wants to get married and have children, not necessarily in that order, my brilliant mother changed her entire career to be there for me and my sister and I couldn’t be more greatful, but I want the opportunity to make these choices for myself too. It starts with us, right now, just saying that its an OK to push ourselves, to not be afraid, and meaning it. We all need to take into account everything we want in life, and make sacrifices as and when necessary, not years before, just because that’s the schedule of your life plan. And this also goes to men, because one thing any woman wants from a husband is being a good dad, and that means SHARING parenthood, not leaving your wife to try to juggle both.

So I said feminism isn’t at the centre of the blog today, and I did lie a bit, but I want to say thank you for the article and to say that I think it’s ok for any woman at any age to do what they want without thinking of the constraints that society has made them feel they need to put upon themselves. BOOM.


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  1. Great post with a great message. I really enjoyed your picture – it matched perfectly!!

  2. Thank you so much! Got some interesting things in the mixture at the moment so watch this space, tried to see if you had a blog but it said your content was removed? I know! Love vintage pictures, glad it fit so well!

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