Crying And Carnivals

Another really hectic week here in Costa Rica! Last weekend we were split as three of us (Sam, Miguel and I) were invited to go to Puterenas carnival with our families, while everyone else had a girls weekend, partying with the locals in El Silencio villiage until they could party no more. The carnival was absolutely one of the best cultural experiences I’ve ever had, a massive highlight and maybe the best sight to date was watching Miguel get chased by a little old lady, dresses head to toe in pink, who seemed determined to take him home!


There was awesome jewellery too!

Our weekend high was brought crashing down on Tuesday however as we were forced to say goodbye to our six weekers; Kitty, Indi and Katie. It was most defiantly the saddest day if the trip so far for everyone, and I personally can’t remember crying more! It was a bleak day, a very bleak day. Possibly the only consolation that can be gleamed from having our friends taken away is that it brought us even closer as a group, and seeing as we were already upset about people leaving after only 6 weeks, that says a lot.

The rest if the week was as ‘as per’ as life can get in Costa Rica, so not at all really! But we all had a good week work wise, only witnessing a few animal deaths and one bucket of blood being poured into a well, needless to say me and Miguel got that honour. We decided to mend our broken souls we needed to retreat back to our original home in Matapalo for the weekend and see our other volunteers there again! The sight of the sun and sea and the back of a very tanned German made us all feel a lot better about life and our new smaller group had a lovely time in the sun, bidding a farewell to Gaby and Carla who wanted to go back to El Silencio for their final Saturday of local culture.

Work this week has been excellent so far, consisting of digging plants and being rewarded by time-out on a waterslide! (It’s a hard life being a Leap volunteer) and come Wednesday we are whirled away to our final destination Tortugera, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica…daunting yet thrilling prospect! So a confusing and bemusing week, but a week full of fond memories of the past and exiting thoughts for the future!