Catching Up!

Hey kids! Know that I’ve been a bad human being in keeping up with the magestical blog, don’t worry karma has gotten me back in the possibility of contracting worms – bit too personal? Meh- but here is my blog from 10 weeks ago and I mean to catch you all up!

Pura vida! We have been in Costa Rica for four days now but it feels like forever, in a good way!

After meeting all the people we were going to be travelling with at Heathrow airport, the most terrifying event of the entire trip! We had to run to Gate 39 as it was closing, a good start! The hotel in San Jose was lovely and everyone agreed that the chips were to English standard. We did our best to stay up, beat the jet lag, as well as greet our fellow Leapers, who had flown at different times (Indi, Katie, becs, and Beth). Michael and Sam ran into some difficulties with cockroaches in their room, saying apparently they ‘charged’ them (“no two ways about it” – Michael) but the sun meant no one was in a mood to complain!

We spent a lot of time on the hotel terrace and in the pool before going into San José where Ella introduced Carla into the world of haggling (some American flag sunglasses were acquired). Our four hour journey down to Matapalo seemed relatively short after our 11 hour flights and we had regular breaks to casually watch some crocs, no big deal really there were only 62 OF THEM.
We have now been at the beach project for a day and a bit spending probably half of the time in the sea and the other half on the beach. Kitty has very much perfected her wave flips. Though we’ve been informed that it is unlikely we’ll be seeing any Turtles due to the season, we can agree it is like paradise here.

The other volunteers we are staying with are lovely and there have been a fewlively debates with the germans as to the merits of the English breakfast (“baked beans what the f@#?k”) and dippy eggs and soldiers. Stay tuned for the next time we find wifi!”