Bikinis And Beach Bodies

Pura vida from Costa Rica chicos! And how have things been? Obviously you have been miserable and haven’t had a good time at all! You’ve been weeping in the bath singing ‘total eclipse of the heart’ into a sponge haven’t you? (I mean who doesn’t right?…) but I’m back so let it go, seriously deal with it! (I’m joking I missed you please don’t leave me)

…anyway… I don’t tend to do diary blogs as it were but for those who were interested (and why wouldn’t you be?) I’m including a link to my blog that I’m doing for the leap. Also incidentally tweeting (@EllaSpottiswood) and instagraming like a goon (@ellaspottiswood – aren’t I imaginative) until my heart is content. So if you feel the need to feel closer to me while I mosey along day to day saving turtles and ting, then you can! (See, don’t say I never did anything for you.)

My ponderance today is about the sun and its effects on body image. Particularly the lack of sunlight and the results on those in cold places like GB for example (woohoo GB!). Now I’m the first to admit to being a self-conscious nude, who isn’t? (Fuck off Miranda Kerr I wasn’t talking to you). The minute we hear the word ‘beach’ we pluck, exfoliate and fake bake like some kind of demented chicken only to get out and find no one else has objectified themselves to the extent of becoming poultry! We are, in fact, essentially a the same (what an amazing discovery, slow clap). So why the hang ups?

People are all shapes and sizes, and cameras are sometimes out of focus, the end.

We think everyone on the beach is going to be some sort of Gisele cross Ostrich super human. I’ve spent hours on my bedroom floor crunching my stomach into washboard perfection *cough* only to get out here to find everyone here has these cute little pot bellies, made out of beer and happiness, and guess what? They look awesome!

As I said maybe it’s a cold country thing (want your opinions here) we spend so much time obsessing over the next time we’ll see sunlight and how perfect it’ll be that we start to move the focus inevitably to ourselves, yep we are THAT egotistical.

So the weird conclusion here is that we are all the same and maybe just to prove it to ourselves we should get nude more in England. Normalise it and BOOM we knock fear of our own bodies out the water, bye anorexia, pat on the back for meeeee! So yes, take off your slippers in the shower, remove the third vest every other Tuesday, if your feeling really cheeky flash your foot from under the Christmas slanket *gasp*. Do what you will and here is a picture of a turtle we saved today to inspire you, see you sooon!


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