Are We Obsessed With Being Happy?

So being happy is what life is all about right? WRONG. Facebook and Twitter, maybe even blogs to a certain extent, have put a lot of pressure on people to appear happy all the time. You see many a happy photo and many a happy status about how happy everyone is (or you see a depressed song lyric and think ‘wow not on Facebook, this is for happiness’ – though to be honest, why must you do that?) and you wonder ‘wow, I’m not having this good a time, what’s wrong with me?’.

The truth is nothing. Well when I say the ‘truth’ I mean what I think. What I think is really all I have to offer, but that’s why you’re reading after all, so prepare! Maybe happiness shouldn’t be the aim here, what’s wrong with being ok? I like to think that bumbling along, being at peace within myself is a good goal, being ‘ok’ is in fact my goal for this year.

One of my friends was telling me the other day about her stressful day at work, and then at the end felt the need to apologise to me for complaining. Dumbfounded I said ‘no worries’ cos I’m a top bird like that, but why is it people feel this pressure to be happy around others, even if those are people we’re meant to feel close to? Arguably that pressure is the source of a lot of these problems to begin with, starting a bizarre and painful cycle.

Before I go on I do want to point out the difference between people who are unhappy and people who love being miserable, although we are guilty of both sometimes, everyone knows that person who enjoys being miserable and everyone wishes that person would stop it and stop it NOW. My point is its ok that you’re not always ok, and don’t feel pressured into having to feel something you don’t feel. There will always be pressure on you to be happy, but try to ignore the external pressures, because ultimately the biggest pressure is coming from inside your own little noggin there ‘points out of computer screen at your head’.

So don’t worry if you don’t feel ok right now, take a deep breath and accept a cyber hug from me. Have a lovely day…


5 thoughts on “Are We Obsessed With Being Happy?

  1. A friend of mine said the following quote for me and it is similar to what you are saying with this post…”don’t compare someone’s highlights reel to your behind the scenes.”

    1. YES! You got it exactly, what a fantastic quote I’m defiantly gonna remember it 🙂 I don’t even know what to reply really because you just summed it up so well! But yeah, I don’t think people should be as afraid of ‘bad days’ without going down you can never be truly up

  2. I agree, 110%. In fact, I almost respect people more when they are more balanced in what the post on FB. I like when people put the good and the bad, provided it isn’t a transparent attempt at garnering attention (you can usually pick those out a mile away). As for the quote, well, I will be honest, upon hearing it and having that magical a-ha moment, I started disengaging a bit from facebook. I used to be on it at least a dozen times a day or more, updating statuses, commenting, liking. Now it’s once or twice a day, if at all.

    1. Yeah I’ve massively fallen out of love with it to be honest, so many sites, like this one, and even others like instagram and things at least cultivate some sort of interest/creativity, but FB only really creates narsasism I guess. That being said I do get irritated with people who stoically refuse to have Facebook, it does make life easier, just use it like you do – every so often!

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    A post by my fabulous, if slightly depressive little siter @welcometothealternateplanet. Every now and again a word of wisdom finds its winding way out of her brain, and this happens to be very true for life generaly and relevant for my message…to be ever so slightly cheesy, it’s ok not to be ok. Enjoy, and welldone Ells xox

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