An Unexpected Journey


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The thing about taking a gap year, is that once you’ve said you are going travelling, you actually need to go, (the bloody nerve of it all). I’m going to Costa Rica tomorrow. For 6 weeks. Protecting and monitoring turtles in order for them to fight extinction and ultimately become fighting ninjas. I’m exited. Though I am also zombie-apocalypse meeting-the-joker scared right now.

I’m going on my own, because I wanted to do what I wanted to do, instead of compromising for others. Also before the person who-I-have-previously-mentioned-so-lets-not-again parted ways we were both off to South America and it made a lovely sense (oh irony you cruel mistress). But although the thought of going on my own does worry me, I didn’t want not to do something just because I’m scared. Yes I will miss my home, yes I am physically shaking as I write this and I’m terrified I’ll fail, but life is too short to be scared and it’s ultimately not that long in the scheme of things. (That’s more me telling myself that than you guys so if you wanna just chat amongst yourselves for a bit)

I like to think I’m doing a good thing, though I’m not standing here saying how great I am (I’m sure thats apparent in itself right?) I like turtles, and I’ve done stuff in India before so I thought Central America would be a really good contrast to that, I also saw ‘Finding Nemo’ with my nephew a few too many times for me not to do something drastic involving sea life. I’ve included a link about it all incase you were interested. But, I hear your aghast voices raised in desperation that almost mimicks prayer, what will this mean for us? (Oh, cheeky) well I’m still going to blog! It wasn’t my original intention but I’ve only just begun my blog, I’m having an amazing time and can’t tell you how it’s made me feel so much better in only this short space, and I really think my travel blogs will only get better as I get to do weird stuff I don’t usually do.

Indeed I’m the team blogger on our trip, actually being paid to write blogs for ‘The Leap’, which is the organisation I am travelling with. So they HAVE to provide me with internet access! (look how much I care for you, wheeling and dealing in Internet services like a member of ‘The Social Network’) hopefully I can link this blog to that one, so you can always check in on my day to day if you wish. I’ll still be putting my thoughts here though, as I don’t think the main-stream world is ready for ALL THIS yet ,’gestures at the majestic and disturbing surroundings’. But I wanted to let you know what was going down, and why if I don’t reply to a comment or post for a day or so, I’m not playing hard to get, I’m getting more things for us all to ponder for when I get back!

Anyways I have to go and start my adventure! Wow how scary, I feel a bit ill, but I’m glad you’re all there for me on your screens, let me know if you have any fear-conquering tales too! Hope you’re having a lovely day bleeps! Love and cyber hugs


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5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey

  1. Have an amazing time! I’m on a gap year as well, flying out to Bangkok next Saturday! I know how you feel! Am also the nominated blogger for the trip, although sadly I won’t be getting paid…

    1. Ahhh I’m so glad someone does! Also so glad it’s you because I was reading ‘London after hours’ and its HILARIOUS! (Duly liked and followed) please keep blogging when you go 🙂

      1. Glad you found it entertaining 🙂 (I wasn’t sure if it was just funny in my head!). Loving your posts too, go save those turtles!! x

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