Close Encounters, Of The Friend Kind

One of the little things that can make my day is when someone I know comes into the shop where I work for a visit. It’s a simple thing but it genuinely does break up the hours of labour, in the same way OWLS broke up the adventures of ‘Harry Potter’. Much like being an alcoholic friends ‘make you forget’ the bad things, though unlike being an alcoholic they don’t vomit on you (only on Saturdays). It got me thinking, however (did it hurt? Oh haha.) about the things that make a persons day.

Often they are really little things, like a random smile or an out of the bleak abyss compliment. This one girl for example complimented my maths skills as I calculated 25% off her £25 top, it’s £18.75, I believe (for those to which the suspense is all too much). It may seem like an easy calculation to some and it probably is, but believe me when, as a dyslexic idiot who has poured like a monkey taught to read for hours over sums and figures to scrape a pass in maths GCSE, I say I have NEVER been complemented on my maths skills, ever! That girl, even though she was obviously had some form of mental rearrangement if she thought I was good at maths, left me floating, dumbfounded, as if on cloud nine, for a good section of the day. It happened weeks ago, yet it made made me feel happy enough to remember and write about it today, so why don’t we do this more? It’s simple, it’s free, it makes a massive difference.

I like to think, like most people like to think, that I’m the sort of person who does that. I like to think I’m not mean to people. But let’s face it at one point Hilter thought he was campaigning for justice, and I’ve seen enough of humanity for now to know a lot of people are mean, so we can’t all be right. I bet for example most of the people who inspired the post ‘Bitches At The Bar’ never stopped to consider they were inspiring words of fury from the Hobbit they were trampling to get to their seat.

So my demand from you today, and tomorrow (and the next day hopefully, but lets start with today) is you go out and compliment someone. By someone I don’t mean your wife or a fraquaintant you know and compliment all the time (and if you don’t compliment your wife you probably need to stop reading now and go get her some flowers and/or a lawyer) I mean a complete stranger who may or may not think you’re a lunatic. And by compliment I don’t mean something superficial and insincere, find something nice about them and say it. Maybe you see them doing something nice, you could stop them and be like ‘hey I saw you be nice, well done’. See what happens, what do you have to lose?

As always feel free to comment with your thoughts, and tell me the stories of your good deed day!