The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

One of my favourite Christmas films of all time is ‘The Grinch’. Probably because I spent the majority of my childhood trying to be Jim Carey, needless to say I was unpopular in primary school, ‘Series Of Unfortunate Events’ is just such an example of how he can make anything hilarious (“yes roast beef it is the Swedish term for beef that is roasted!” …anyone? No? …ok then…) Don’t even get me started on ‘The Truman Show’…maybe I just love films starting in ‘The’…

Anyway, what I never truly realised was the truth of the Grinch, the actual and meaningful truth of the green man and his dog called Max. Working in ‘The Shop’ has meant that not only have I completely missed out on Christmas cheer this year, not a single verse of ‘Good King Wenceslas’ have graced my hopeful ears, not one! But I’ve also actually become a working cog of the corporate machine that is the so called season of ‘love’ that is Christmas. I curse the heavens and wish to be smote but that is the fact of it.

I truly have seen all the funny stereotypes the grinch plays out though, and it makes me sad because that’s not how I thought the world really was. When I was at school we all sung carols and obviously got gifts, but there was always a sense of something more, that there was a point to it that was orientated about love and giving (even if you didn’t believe in the birth of Jesus) getting into the real world has forced me to see the complete flip side of the coin. Serving some of the most aggressive people I’ve ever come across, as they ‘lovingly shop for gifts’, has really made me question, do we need a Grinch to steal Christmas?

If so then I volunteer, as one of the people arguably responsible in a small way for fuelling and building this frenzy, I volunteer to burn it all down and steal it back (que crazy laughter). I think most of all our needs are mental ones instead of physical anyway, if you’re as lucky as I am at least. Anyway Merry Christmas to you, I’m going to google ‘baby it’s cold outside’…|2;d|6J9ePIWlAe4z6M:



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