50 Shades… Of Gay?

As a fairly liberal person the question of gay marriage/adoption/partnership has always irritated me. Same with racism, sexism and any word you can find ending in ‘ism’ it is not ok to change another persons rights simply because they are not a white straight man. (An obvious statement but people seem to have been missing it for the last few hundred years so thought I’d throw it into the mix).

This isn’t another rant however, I actually have something that may lend itself to debate. As a straight person (and I’m not saying that as a hasty disclaimer, it’s actually a big part of the whole idea) would I, say, be allowed to Captain the Gay Pride group at University? I’m not talking about being a part of a gay rights movement I mean actually CAPTAIN it. I can picture my application now ‘Yes I’m not gay, but I feel really strongly about the whole thing, you guys are fabulous!’ I imagine the answer would be a resounding ‘No’.

But WHY could I not? I think I feel strongly enough about it, maybe even more than some gay people, not that they don’t but if you want peace and quiet then you should have it. I always thought being gay doesn’t make you part of the gay rights campaign in the same way being a girl doesn’t mean you wear makeup, it’s an option for those who are interested I pursuing it further. I like to think of myself as a good leader, good speaker etc, why could I not lead the cause? The answer would probably be ‘because you’re not gay’.

It’s fair enough in some regards, I’ve not had to deal with ‘coming out’ to everyone and the social trauma, that ‘Glee’ assures me is associated with the life of every gay child. I do believe though that no one should feel ashamed or excluded because of their sexual orientation. Wouldn’t not letting me lead in fact be some sort of ‘hetrophobia’? Would those who have felt excluded by society feel the urge to give as good as they get? Or would, in some twisted way, having a straight campaigner help that cause?

I really hope I’ve not offended anyone in writing this, apart from if you’re a massive homophobic then feel that freely. But I would be really interested in any viewpoint offered! See you at the comments!