Fake Nails, And Why I’m In The Hunger Games

Like many a fantasy fan I was completely enthralled by ‘The Hunger Games’. in my opinion it was one of the only films where the film has stayed completely accurate to the book to such an extent that it actually seems like an extended version of your imagination. Like all the best things in the world it made me ponder on how it reflects on our own reality… Anyway…

So there I was making small talk at the till point (yay!) when I tell a lady I like her nails, “fake” she remarks casually before resuming her relationship with her iPhone (I never claimed I was GOOD at small talk). Fake?! I reel back, appalled, for this woman is not the first whose protein stumps, or not as the case would have it, I have admired so avidly. When did we begin to superglue random extras to our bodies? And where do we draw the line? One of my friends Izzie will happily stamp fake eyelashes to her lids at any opportunity yet on the mention of false nails her reaction is ‘uhhh that’s really tacky’, so what makes one ok and not the other?

Also what makes one thing vanity and the other ‘the edgy right to take licence with my appearance’? For example I’ve been playing for a while with the notion of dying a strip of my hair blue, probably in a sub-conscious feeble attempt to be ‘individual’, though to be honest I just think it’d look cool (shut up you’re not my real mum). This would no doubt be seen as some to be vanity or being try-hard yet they don’t bat an eyelid, complete with falsie or otherwise, at a person fake baking, seeing that simply as a form of ‘self maintenance’.

One thing I’d like to make clear here is I’m not some unwashed pre-modern Neanderthal, I’m guilty of fake tanning and I probably wax to a fault. Something inside me stops me cramming fake nails and fake eyelashes onto my person however, and I wonder why this is. Is it the Katniss Everdeen inside me drawing my own invisible line over which I cannot cross lest I then continue down the slippery slope to hair extensions, semi-permanent make-up and ultimately become producer for the hunger games UK? Am I simply a massive hypocrite, or does anyone else have their own invisible beauty line?


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