Where are you Bridget Jones?

Something I imagine a lot of the people out there on the internet find a bit weird is interacting with others. This isn’t really anything to be worried about though lets be honest, seeing as most people on the internet confess themselves as socially awkward and nearly everyone in the world goes on the internet, I think we can safely assume most of the planet considers themselves to be a bit out of place in social situations. One social situation I certainly felt a bit weird about was one where I was supposed to be going to drinks with a few of my friends from work, only to have one guy show. Something about it being a guy/girl situation made it weird. I imagine if it were two guys they’d bond over football and girls etc whereas two girls would just talk about work and stuff they found annoying and generally connect over that. As the guy in question was a fraquantance (not someone you know enough to be a friend but not just ‘someone you kinda know’) the situation in itself wasn’t too bad, though having said that I did bale after about an hour, it wasn’t the fiasco of ultimate social trauma it could’ve been…hopefully… Who knows what he thought of it…

the thing I found weird was though, although the situation was obviously not ideal, and we both knew it, we couldn’t actually admit it to each other, have a laugh and get over it. Instead we had to act as if it was totally fine and un-phasing how we’d both been stood up by no less than 9 others in our social group. Why is this I wonder? Are we so in denial with our ritual humiliation that we can’t admit it even to ourselves? Or do we worry too much what the other person thinks of us to acknowledge it out loud? Surely that’s ridiculous though, because we are both, as the saying would have it, ‘in the same boat’. I mean whose been in an awkward social situation but had to act like that’s the norm (all the while praising whichever god you honour that it isn’t?). In films they make it seem like this happens to everyone, so many of my friends for example say ‘oh i am so like Bridgett Jones’, but whenever I find myself being embarrassed in a similar way no one ever seems to turn to me like a comrade in arms and admit that they too make the same errors. Instead you may find yourself used as a bonding tool for others by being made the social outsider.

Another example of this is something everyone will be familiar with; dropping a drink at a bar/in your school dining room. The hush, the silence, maybe the slow clap. Well for me it was a tray. Of wine glasses. In a restaurant. I got a cheer, I literally took my bow. But then something happened that I didn’t expect to occur; while I fled to get a mop and floor sweeping utensil a little social group formed around my spillage, circling and protecting it from others like a bunch of penguins huddling against a polar winter. Drunk they were but something deep and primitive within them reached out, as if to say ‘we all do this brother, let us share your burden’. Maybe the fact they were drunk just stripped back their outer exteriors allowing them to acknowledge and help another? Maybe they found it hilarious. We may never know, but maybe it’s something we should do more of?