The F Word

So a thing that has always irritated me is when a girl (who we’ll call Jo for sake of reference, obviously) turns around and says the words ‘I hate feminists’. My squirrel brain explodes and something deep within me dies a little. My soul, in short, begins to compose music in the same vein as Adele.

To be able to fully justify why I feel so strongly about this particular statement took a trip to the fountain of all internet knowledge, Wikipedia, to get the proper definition of what a feminist is. A feminist is “an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women” the term ‘feminism’ being defined as “a collection of movements…aimed at defining, establishing and defending equal political, economic and social rights for women”. So to me it seems that anyone who doesn’t believe in feminism believes that all women should be taking orders from men, our superior master race.

Obviously not me thinks, but as it turns out Jo was generalising all feminists, defining them as a small sect of bra-burning lesbians who hate men (incidentally if you are a bra-burning lesbian who hates men I am not condemning you, indeed you make some excellent points.) But this got me thinking, because I am sure she is not the only one who believes that is what feminism is all about! I always held the opinion you were either a feminist, and so think women and men are equal, or you were a sexist, our friend Wikipedia defining sexism as “a set of beliefs claiming…differences between women and men establish the superiority of one sex over the other”. In much the same way that you are either a racist or you aren’t. Even though it’s not considered ‘desirable’ for a girl of my age to stand up and go ‘I AM A PROUD FEMINIST’, at the risk of being branded as a bra-burning, man-hating lesbian it just seems to me really silly for someone to make such a comment, because even though i don’t like massively aggressive feminists in the same way i don’t brain freeze, without the suffragettes we would all still be worrying about which girdle would make our husbands happy instead of pursuing our own goals.

However the world isn’t as black and white as I sometimes wish it was and i bet there is a group of you thinking ‘ahhh but what about positive sexism? Why do women complain about equality but then expect men to pay a food bill/ text first/ generally man-up etc”. On a level I am completely with you, though I’d also like to add here I always split bills. Though I consider drinks to be different, I think men should learn the hard way alcoholic beverages are not an equal exchange for sexual favours. Here though is where I want to know what everyone else thinks! Does a man carrying my bags for example go against feminist ideology, or does it just mean chivalry isn’t dead?